What is Cytopia?

Virtual Reality + Gaming + Psychic Powers + NSA Story = WIN

Cytopia - Evolving Gaming with Virtual Reality

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Designed from the ground up to be VR exclusive, Cytopia is a tale of what happens when an organization as powerful as the NSA gains global control. With accurate head and hand motion tracking, you're no longer playing the game, you're in it. Can you use your psychic powers to free the world?

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Our Team

CEO - Sky Nite

Author of “Virtual Reality Insider”, the current best selling VR book on Amazon. Prior to this, Sky built a contracting business of over $85,000 in revenue in 8 months, and attended UC Berkeley studying entrepreneurship, writing, and world systems.

CTO - Brad Nelson

Independent game developer with over 14 years of experience. Built his foundation as a level designer and game designer with console and PC titles, before running his own independent studio the last 9 years.

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